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Welcome to the BYU Geospatial Network!

We are the interdisciplinary community of faculty, staff, administrators, and students at Brigham Young University who use spatial information, methods, and technology. Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing, cartography, GPS, and spatial statistics are being used across campus for scientific research, professional education, and university administration.

Want to learn more? Check out this site to see what we do, see what people in our community are working on, and get assistance with your own project.

BYU Geospatial Network

The BYU Geospatial Network is the interdisciplinary community of faculty, staff, administrators, and students of Brigham Young University who use spatial and geographic information and technology. It is a diverse group from many departments and labs, who use a variety of tools, including geographic information systems, remote sensing, spatial statistics, web mapping, and cartography. We welcome people at all levels of involvement, from experts developing new techniques to those with only a passing interest in mapping or need for a map.

HBLL Geospatial Services Lab

Working on a geospatial project but need some help? Come visit us in the Harold B. Lee Library--the Geospatial Services Lab. In addition to helping you with your projects, we provide software training, curriculum development, and manage the geospatial related software licenses for campus.


ThinkSpatial is the for-hire, contract service to serve the geospatial needs of the BYU community, including students, faculty, and administration. Since 2013, we have made maps for scholarly publications, developed web mapping sites, developed spatial data for administrative units, and conducted analysis for professor's research project. Our knowledgeable staff works under the guidance of Dr. Brandon Plewe to deliver professional grade products at an affordable rate.

Available Software

There is lots of software associated with GIS. Here you can learn about what software is available to you through BYU and how to access it. Software mentioned include Esri products (such as ArcGIS Pro), Autodesk, Oracle, ENVI, eCognition Developer, and QGIS.

Courses and Degrees

BYU has a wide variety of courses and degrees to help you learn about GIS. Most courses are found in the Geography department; however, GIS has many applications so there are some courses available within other departments.